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Graded Pokemon Cards: What To Buy - October 2022

This long form jumble of words which we now call a blog is about, as you guessed it in the title, yes, graded Pokémon cards. Stop there though this isn’t just any blog about graded Pokémon cards, this will give you the most up to date and precise information on what cards you can currently pick up undervalued, what cards are great for long-term investment, short term investments, news on any big movers, The obvious Charizards, Pikachu Promos, the odd unusual cards, and basically anything that might slightly peak anyone’s interest who is nerdy enough to be into graded Pokémon cards. 

We will also share a bit of banter here and there between those of us so-called nerds collecting shiny cardboard. That sweet sweet cardboard with printed artworks of weird animal looking creatures. Creatures with crazy abilities, and not to mention their very strong tendencies to magically draw money away from our wallets, and yes you guessed it towards those sparkling rectangles of pure beauty and bliss. This exchange of money I’m surprisingly not guilty about at all though. Passing money around between my fellow nerds and in the process of it, getting some very good investments and a lot more money. All this while I get to indulge in spending on and staring at some sick magical creature art. It’s a win win isn’t it? 

We aren’t about that mainstream property investments, high-yield term deposits, or even crypto for that matter. I mean look at crypto now, Everyone was raving about it and I did try and tell them that it was gonna crash. I told them how volatile it was. It literally takes one man in the name of Elon Musk to just tweet something stupid to make the price go 10 times one way or another. Let’s be honest this man has a lot of influence on these things.

Pokémon cards on the other hand, I mean you may tell me, “Hey! but what about Logan Paul? Logan Paul blew up Pokémon cards and as soon as he stopped making videos about them they crashed!”

Well no that’s not really what happened. Pokémon cards were already blowing up and Logan Paul just made the whole situation a little more exaggerated, but it was happening nonetheless. And there is nothing Logan Paul could say or do to make an illustrator Pikachu PSA 10 drop from 5,000,000 to 1,000,000 unless it’s just because he has the only one and he decided to lose $4 million for some stupid joke, but you know what I’m trying to say. No one can just come along and have a spasm on their keyboard, and crash the whole Pokémon card market to half its value overnight, that just doesn’t happen. In that respect it’s so much safer than crypto or almost anything else moving so fast. It’s literally one of, if not, the best investment you can make depending on how you look at things. And I don’t think I’m being biased here. You can get far better returns than houses or gold, but it’s basically as safe as those. It’s not as volatile or unsafe as crypto, but you can get crazy returns pretty similar or better. You just have to pick and choose the right products, and this is what I’m here for. To point you in the right direction and highlight some amazing cards for you to pick up. 

It would be sick if I could point you to a place where you could literally pick up the most amazing graded cards off the floor in some crazy Pokémon forest, but you know what I mean. 

As well as a little bit of rambling about various Pokémon card news, and some numbers here and there, each episode of this blog of all Pokémon graded card blogs, I will give you some simple picks that I recommend along with a few reasons to finish this lovely blog off.

Without further ado here are the picks of the week.

Kanazawa Pikachu Promo

I mean just look at it. You can’t tell me that’s a not a great card. It’s a freaking Pikachu promo with a picture perfect Pikachu wearing a traditional Japanese Kimono. The artwork is gorgeous and it was a limited edition only available in Pokémon centers in Japan towards the end of 2020. These cards were gifted out to celebrate the opening of the Kanazawa Pokémon center, in Kanazawa Japan. I can guarantee you these will be worth thousands in coming years in a PSA or Becket 10. You can pick these beautiful boys (or girls?) up for around $30 as of writing this and you can find the odd minty fresh perfect 10 level conditions ones for that same price. Even a straight graded 10 card is less than $100. No way you will find these at this price in a little while. Give it another 1-2 years and they will become a lot harder to find, and in turn the value will go up.

Japanese Base Set Charizard 


This might not be the most obvious pick, and some of you might be thinking oh no not another basic nerd telling me about base set, but hear me out. Japanese base set never went that high, and right now it has dipped a lot since it’s peak. I don’t see prices much lower than this coming around any time soon and probably ever. These will in the coming years in top condition become hotter and hotter, and harder and harder to find. You can say that about a lot of cards, but to be honest in 20 years time, which do you think will be worth more, a base set Japanese Charizard, which is even older than the English base set (so actually the original base set), or some random full art from one of the recent sets which can go for similar or higher prices now? In my mind it’s pretty obvious, and if you think about it hard, you’ll realize the oldest cards are gonna be harder to find and much more prized than a card printed in 2020-2022 where cards are being sent out of the printing machines like hot cakes and everyone is sleeving them with their finger nails freshly cut, filed, and gloved up, ready to go to great lengths to keep their new babies in tip top condition. Only time will tell, but for any long term investors out there, I’d say you can thank me later.


Any Vintage Charmander Non Holo in Mint Condition

Whoa whoa slow down, now you’re gonna tell me some random cards that are not even holographic? Yes I sure will. Investment is a long game, and they are very undervalued right now. You can pick these up for cents, or dollars at the most depending on what set, what language, and where you are. Think about it Charizard is the big daddy, and Charmander is the shining prince. Charmander will always be one of the most popular Pokémon. As they will always keep bringing Charizard back into the games, Charmander will always be right there alongside, because you can’t make a Charizard with no Charmander right? Once vintage holos become more and more expensive, we will start to see more non-holographic cards of the same era pop up as cards people aim to collect. Not many people really try and collect non holos, But trust me, this will become more of a thing as cards get older. Even now, people coming into the hobby struggle to buy a lot of the cards they want, imagine what it will be like in 25 years from now. A base set Charmander in PSA or CGC 10? Oo wow that would be a treat in 2057, let me tell you that much. 


Stay tuned for more big calls, even book mark us for Pete’s sake if you’ve come this far! We will continue to provide you with pure gold Pokémon graded card goodness. And hopefully we can all toast with some overly pricey champagne once we’ve made our millions investing in these splendid works of shiny cardboard art.

P.S. if you're looking for any graded card bargains, head here for a great selection and even greater prices.


Yours faithfully,

Poké Pete

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