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Paradigm Trigger Release

Paradigm Trigger Release

Paradigm Trigger

So we are just under 3 weeks away from the mouth watering release of the highly anticipated Paradigm Trigger Japanese Pokemon card set. As with most Japanese card sets, the news is leaked very slow, trickle by trickle. We are at the point where we are already salivating at 90% just seeing the Lugia full art, V, and Vstar, not to mention the promo packs. The secret rare full art released is definitely top notch in my books, and I’m sure in the eyes of many of you too. If they release an alternate art version of Lugia, oh my lord… what will we do? 

I know either way I will for sure be buying truckloads of this set as I am a huge Lugia fan, and who isn’t? He saved ash from the evil collector in the movie, he is one of the most OP Pokemon out, you can ride him flying the skies, and he can even talk for Pete's sake! What on earth this amazing creature Pokemon has blessed us with can't do beats me.

As for the truckloads of buying, this will for sure be done and dusted before the popularity sky rockets, along with prices. These days with Pokemon cards it really is the early bird that gets the worm (and no not the creepy version of Diglet we are getting in the upcoming Pokemon games).

Below is everything you need to see that has been released so far and don’t worry, we will keep you updated!

Mystery Box:

A mystery box like this hasn't been done before and it has been a very long time since they did something similar so this is very interesting and exciting. Definitely one to keep for the sealed collection, but if you're like me it will be a mammoth task to avoid cracking into it by "mistake".

Promo Packs:

This could even be better than the regular set, especially if there is no super cool alternate art this time round. I'm pretty sure the Promo version of the Vstar, which is indeed an alternate artwork, will be one of the big chase cards, and one for the slabs.

Booster Box & Lugia Full Art:

30 Packs of pure legendary bliss.

This will surely be the most popular set of the year so far, I mean, come on, it's Lugia.. need I say no more.

Get your hands on the. Booster Box, Mystery box, and Promo Pack here!

Until next update guys, peace out and go catch em worms!

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