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Japan Post Lottery for Guaranteed Pre-Order!

Japan Post Lottery for Guaranteed Pre-Order!

We have limited amounts of the Japan Post x Pokemon collaboration promo set available to purchase on our site, but as the description says, there is a chance that your order will be refunded if we are not able to get enough stock for any reason.

To give you a chance for a guaranteed spot and chances for multiple pre order purchases, we are running a weekly pre order lottery.

Buy any in stock item (non pre-order) from Poké Japan or Japan Grab for tickets to be in the draw, here are the details:

Poké Japan

  • 1 booster pack = 1 ticket
  • 1 booster box = 30 tickets

Japan Grab

  • 1500 yen spent = 10 tickets
  • 5000 yen spent = 50 tickets

3 lucky winners will be drawn each week until August 24th. They will be notified by email on the Tuesday of every week with the first winners announced on June 22nd. 
These winners will get an opportunity to purchase the pre order regardless of if they have already purchased one through our website already.

Happy Shopping :)

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