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POKEMON COLORS 25th Anniversary Exhibition

POKEMON COLORS 25th Anniversary Exhibition

The Pokemon Company, in collaboration with high fashion brand department store Matsuya’s Ginza branch, celebrated its 25th anniversary by holding a creative and interactive exhibition called ‘POKEMON COLORS’ for the Japanese public from July 22nd, 2021 until August 11th, 2021.


The Poke Japan team was very excited about the entire concept, from the promo posters to the released photos of what these interactive exhibitions will look like. Just check out these colorful and futuristic promo posters of some of our most beloved Pokemons:


As our team is made up of members who are passionate about Pokemon, some of our members obviously had to attend this exhibition to celebrate the incredible universe the Pokemon Company has created for all of us fans around the world.


Upon entering the exhibition, our members were greeted with a very colorful presentation of the Pokemon world. It starts out with the iconic Poke Ball changing in vibrant and neon colors, as it travels through different dimensions and environments of Pokemon, guided by unforgettable Pokemons, such as Pikachu, Charizard, and Eevee. Here’s a video of the experience:


Then, it was on to the main show. As we went further into the exhibition, our team was greeted by 5 interactive activities. The simplest, yet the most visually eye catching exhibit was the ‘COLORS Circle.’ This exhibition had a huge orb, representing the Poke ball, surrounded by 12 separate screens, each screen representing 12 different Pokemons. Depending on who was playing with which screen and Pokemon, the Poke ball in the center would change colors and play different sounds accordingly. Here’s a video of one of our team members petting a Bulbasaur:



Yes, we were thoroughly intrigued by the artistic aspect, but now it was time to break a sweat. Before describing the other 4 exhibits, here’s a quick video of the founder of Poke Japan slapping and punching the living life out of what seems to be a brown punching bag:



Now, how in the world is this Pokemon related? The exhibit had 5 of these brown looking punching bags, which are meant to be trees, and each of those trees are shown in the screen in front. Every time you tapped it or shook it, the tree on the screen would drop nuts, fruits, and Pokemons, adding more color and action on to the screen. This exhibit was definitely one of our highlights.


Ever wondered what it was like to chase a Pikachu while riding a bicycle? Well wonder no more because one of the exhibits let you do just that. The fact that even the behind of Pikachu being one of the cutest things in the world will remain to be life’s many mysteries:


Have you also wondered what it was like to fish for water Pokemons yourself like in the Pokemon games? This exhibit has got you covered. From Tentacruel to Garydos, this exhibit provided us with an actual fishing rod to reel in our virtual water Pokemons. If you ever wondered what Pokemon sushi tastes like, please don’t. A lot of them are pretty darn cute:



The last exhibit we got to experience allowed us to throw white Poke balls at different Pokemons popping up on the screen, to… Catch Em’ All. Here’s our founder once again grabbing and throwing a bunch of these Poke balls to achieve his dream of surpassing Ash’s Pokemon collection:



Trying to reflect on this 25th anniversary exhibition was simple, as it embodied everything that we love about Pokemon: fun, creative, and interactive. It maintained our confidence that the Pokemon company will continue to create meaningful, always changing entertainment for people of all ages and backgrounds. Seeing the different couples, families, and fans laugh and awe over the different exhibits inspired our team even more to be the best provider of all sorts of Pokemon experiences here from Tokyo, to our customers all around the globe.


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